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'The Travel Brochures' by William Frederick Foster (1883-1953)

'The Travel Brochures' by William Frederick Foster (1883-1953)

Oil on Canvas
Unframed measurements 45 x 35"
Framed measurments 49 x 44"
Professional illustrators have always made great figurative painters. They bring a technical facility and finely honed draughtsmanship to their art that many conventional painters in the same genre lack. Foster’s deftness of brush and narrative movement made him one of the most successful illustrators in a golden era of American illustration. We have two large oils in the exhibition, a studio nude and a genre painting. ‘The Travel Brochures’ could be a scene from a G K Chesterton, an enthusiastic young bride plans a trip while a far less enthusiastic husband rues the lost time with his newspaper. Beautifully rendered and so redolent of 1930s America.